Mehul Voraa was born on 7/8/1978 and started his intial training in Gojukai Karate-Do Yamaguchi-ha, under the Indian Shibucho Vispy Kapadia Kyoshi in March 1981.

Mehul Voraa also underwent training in Boxing ,Judo and Kobudo during his school days, he was the Martial Arts federation of India mens Kata and Kumite National Champion in the black belt category for the years 1995 and 1996,he started his first dojo in 1996 and graduated from the bombay university with a bachelor of commerce in 1999.
He was insturmental in the formation of the Nippon Budo Sogo International India's only Koryu martial arts federation in 1998,he was appointed as the NBSII president following its formation.

Mehul Voraa is a personal Student of Shihan Hirano Osamu 8th Dan JKF, Shihan Kazo Inoue 7th Dan Japan Kendo Renmei , Shihan Kanaya Jinju 6th Dan JKF, Shoshi Irie Yasuhiro Menkyo Kaiden 10th dan Hanshi Kokodo Jujitsu Renmei and Shihan Ronny Kluger 8th Dan WKF . He holds International Dan grades,and teachers certification in Gojuryu Karate-Do,Aiki-Jujitsu,Iaido,Kenjutsu,Kobudo and Jodo Currently he is considered by the Indian martial arts fraternity as one of the most prolific martial artists in south east asia.

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