The Nippon Budo Sogo International India
The Japanese Martial Arts Society International India

Is India's first and only Koryu Budo (Ancient martial arts society), it is a federation of like minded individuals,promoting ancient japanese martialarts in India, the Society recognises the intrinsic value of each budo art form and strives to teach it in its purest version.

The society it self was founded in 1998 by Mehul Voraa to officially teach and promote Koryu Budo or ancient martial arts of the Samurai .

The Koryu Bujutsu Taught and studied at the Nippon Budo Sogo International are
Mugai-Ryu Kenjutsu/Iaido Nichiryukai (Japanese Swordsmanship of the Mugai Ryu)
Kushinkai Jojutsu (Short Staff Fighting),
Kokodoryu Aikijujutsu (Pressure point and bone manipulation techniques)
Zazen (Seated Meditation)
Jinenkan Jissen Kobudo (Ancient Martial Arts)
Taijutsu (Unarmed Combat)
Sojutsu (Spear Fighting)
Naginatajutsu (Halberd fighting)
Kukishindenryu Bojutsu (Long Staff Fighting)
Tantojutsu (Knife fighting)
Hanbo Jutsu (Short Stick fighting)

The NBSII is the only martial arts federation in India officially licensed to teach and promote the above arts from Japan.

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